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How to Speed up and Make Games Download Faster on PS4

Undoubtedly one of the biggest issues with the PlayStation 4 are slow PS4 download speeds and today we will have a look on how we can make games download faster on PS4.

More of us are beginning to spend our money on the PlayStation Network, but slow PSN download speeds can be off-putting. While your PS4 download speed will always be limited by your ISP and the rate at which Sony is able to pump data from its servers onto your console, there are a few tips and tricks you can try to improve PS4 download speeds.

How to Make Games Download Faster on PS4

In order to fix slow PS4 download speeds, you’re first going to need to be aware of a few important things:

  • Your Internet connection: If you’re not paying for a top-of-the-line broadband package, then you may find that you’re getting the best possible PS4 download speeds that your ISP will allow. The best way to check the limitations of your connection is by performing a free speed test. If the results are in line with the package that your ISP is selling you, then you may want to look into upgrading your connection in order to ensure faster download speeds across the board – not just on the PS4.
  • Wired or wireless: One easy way to upgrade PS4 download speeds is to connect your PS4 to your router with a standard Ethernet cable. While this is a less convenient option, if you can make it work you will guarantee better speeds. Connecting consumer electronics wirelessly is always easy, but depending upon your router, it can result in slower speeds. If you don’t want to traipse cables everywhere, then you could consider looking into powerline adapters which make it easier to use wired connections around your house.
  • Free up bandwidth: Streaming movies and downloading music is going to gobble up bandwidth from your Internet connection, which will inevitably result in slower PS4 download speeds. If you want to improve PS4 download speeds, then consider closing Netflix and any other appliances competing for bandwidth. It’s not ideal if you’re busy doing other things, but it will help to maximise your PS4 download speed. You could also consider playing offline while you download.

How to Speed up PS4 Downloads for Free

Paying isn’t the only way to increase your PS4’s download speed when using PSN. The best ways to increase the download speed of your PS4 for free are:

  1. Use a Wired Connection
  2. Setup Proxy Server
  3. Use a new DNS.
  4. Use Rest Mode on your PS4.
  5. Pause and Resume the download on your PS4.

In this section of our PS4 Download Speed Fixing Guide we’ll look at options you can explore that cost no money whatsoever. They might not all give you the desired result, but they’re worth trying.

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1.Using a Wired Ethernet Connection instead of WiFi

Setting up a wired connection for your PS4 is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to improve download speeds on PSN. All you’ll need is a standard Ethernet cable, which you can slot into the back of your PS4 (all of the models have an Ethernet slot, including the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro) and connect it to your router. You’ll need to make sure you go to the network settings on the PS4 console itself and make sure you tell it that you want to connect to the Internet via a wired connection, but it’s straightforward and will net you a guaranteed speed boost.

2. Setup Proxy Server

A PS4 Proxy Server is an intermediary which is used for communication between two computers. By getting a computer on your local network to do some of the heavy lifting, it may be possible to increase your download speed, hide your IP address and much more. Follow our PS4 Proxy Server Guide.

3.Change DNS on Your PS4

This one falls into the ‘has helped some people’ category, and does require some tinkering in the settings of your PS4. It has been reported that changing your DNS settings to use Google’s DNS server increases PS4 download speed. If you want to give it a try, follow our steps below:

  • Go to the “Settings” tab on the PS4 scrollbar – found on the far right, just before the ‘Power’ option.
  • Go to the “Network” option.
  • Choose “Set Up Internet Connection” from the Network screen.
  • Select Wifi or LAN. WiFi is for wireless connections, while for LAN you’ll need to have a cable running from your PS4 to a network point.

Follow our guide here on the best and fastest PS4 DNS

Select “Custom” to allow entering of your own network settings. Use the following settings, with the DNS being the key things to note:

  • IP Address Settings = Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name = Do Not Specify
  • DNS Settings = Manual
  • Primary DNS: or
  • Secondary DNS: or
  • MTU Settings: Automatic
  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

With these settings changed, turn off your PS4 and then turn it on again. Hopefully you’ll notice improved PS4 download speeds.

make games download faster on ps4

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4.Put Your PS4 Into Rest Mode to Improve Download Speed

This is one of the anecdotal PS4 slow download speed solutions, so give it a try by all means but don’t bank on it doing wonders. If you place your PS4 into Rest Mode you can sometimes get faster download speeds.

First you must set the functions available in Rest Mode by heading to:

  • Settings > Power Saving Settings > Set Functions Available in Rest Mode.

Check the box that reads “Stay Connected to the Internet” so your PS4 is able to continue downloading files when in Rest Mode.

Now you can hold down the PlayStation Button to bring up the Quick Menu. From here select Power and then choose ‘Enter Rest Mode’. Your PS4 will enter a low-power mode and continue to download files.

5.Pause and Resume Your PS4 Download

If you see your PS4 download ticking along at an annoyingly low speed, we’ve found that pausing it and resuming it can result in a better download speed. We’re not sure if there’s any logical reason for this, but it does seem to work. Simply access your downloads from your notifications (found if you scroll up to the top on the PS4 home screen) and then hit X on the controller when you’ve highlighted the download that you want to pause. Then press X again to resume the download.

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