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How to Find IP Addresses & Usernames with PSN Resolver

In this article we will cover everything you need to know about a PSN resolver and how to find a player’s IP address.

A PSN Resolver are IP resolvers that convert PSN usernames to IP addresses and vice versa. The technology works the same as DNS, where as your browser is automatically translating an IP to it’s correlating domain name. Now in order for PSN resolvers to work, there need to be a central server or database with the whole PSN network to be accessible, however due to security concerns, Sony won’t give public access to such information and thereby makes it impractical to resolve all gamer-tags/PSN usernames.

When you use the Internet, every time you connect to a website using its domain name (such as “”), your computer needs to know that website’s IP address (a unique series of numbers). So your computer contacts a DNS resolver, and gets the current IP address of


Usually, the resolver is one part of a larger decentralized DNS (domain name system). When you send your request to the DNS resolver, the resolver accesses other servers in the DNS to obtain the address, then sends you the response.


The PS4 DNS resolver contacted by your computer is usually chosen by your ISP (Internet service provider). However, you can configure your network to use a different DNS provider, if you choose. This configuration can be modified in your console’s network settings, or in the administration interface of your home network router.

By stating the above, you have probably come across websites that claim to resolve PSN usernames, Skype or even Discord. But by the time you spent 5 to 10 minutes testing numerous usernames, you will notice that none of them resolved to any IP address. That’s because the web developer created their own database (not accessing Sony’s data) and require users (such as yourself) to build that database from scratch with gamer-tags, IP addresses etc. and ultimately rendering it a complete waste of time.

psn resolver

psn resolver

Now that we cleared up a few topics about PSN Resolvers. Lets dive into how we can get real IP addresses from PlayStation whilst playing or connected to an in-game party chat in real time.

PSN Resolver – Best Free Method that Works


Firstly Install all the pre-requisites above before continuing.

Now we need to disable Internet Protocol v6. On windows 10 go to settings > network and internet > change network adapter as shown below.

psn resolver adapter

psn resolver ethernet settings












Now right click on your internet connection and scroll down to IPV6 and untick the box. Restart your computer.

Once your computer is booted up, now we can download PSN Resolver.

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After the download extract the file using winrar or 7zip. Just right click and click on extract here.

After the extraction your folder should have all the files as shown below.

psn resolver

user interface













Now run the program by double clicking PSN resolver.exe and you will notice the GUI pops up.

Select your network adapter. Whether wired or wifi network. Tick on ARP spoofing and Filter

Now lets get your IP on your ps4 or xbox. On your gaming console go to settings > network settings and get the IP information. Note down your IP address and put it into the TO section under ARP Spoofing. Make sure you have PS4 port forwarding configured for the best gaming experience.

Now fill in your source IP to your PS4 / Xbox IP and in the destination Port you can use the following per platform.

  • PS4 – Don’t specify port number (use to be 9307 but Sony patched it)
  • Xbox port number is 3074

The from address should be your default gateway/router. It should default immediately to your router but just make sure.

Verify everything is correct and create your xbox/ps4 party with other players. Once they have joined your party click on start.

Under the connections tab you will start to notice all the IP’s coming through. Locate the IP’s that corresponds to the port we specified or under the protocol tab it will show Xbox Live / PSN service.

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Final Thoughts

After finding an IP Address, you can navigate to the IP Multi Tool tab to ping, find geo location or do a port scan on any IP Address to get more relevant data.

ip lookup port scanner









Alternative, you could also boot a player offline by sending a denial of service attack. If you have any issues getting your PSN resolver to work log a fault on our forum section or configure a VPN to protect yourself against scriptkiddies.

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