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PS4 Proxy Server – Setup and Configure the Best Proxy Address

A PS4 Proxy Server is an intermediary which is used for communication between two computers. Web Proxy is a server which acquires information from the source server and provides it to the website [using the proxy server] which wants the information. A PS4 proxy is anything that replaces the original one.

For example, when actors in films or serials are absent due to any problem or illness then proxy artists are used to replace them. A PS4 Proxy server acts as a link between the user’s PC and the source PC’s network [or blocked website needs to be accessed]. Proxy server hides the internet user’s real identity online.

Why would we want a PS4 Proxy Server in the first place?

There are numerous reasons to use a PS4 proxy, such as;

  • Reduce online lag while gaming
  • Faster internet speeds
  • Multi-location login
  • Access Blocked Sites
  • Hide your IP address

These days Proxy servers aren’t as popular as it use to be as VPN’s has taken over the market being more stable,secure and offers anonymity. Back in the day one would only have one machine with internet access and setting up the proxy server would allow multiple devices to browse the net. In this case we will look at the best proxies available for PS4 users and how to setup and configure our server.

Setup and Configure the Best PS4 Proxy Server

Method 1: Using ExpressVPN’s DNS Proxy (Recommended)

ExpressVPN is also among the best VPN services for privacy and security. Their no logs policies have been verified through real-world tests with a server seizure in Turkey (all customer data remained secure). ExpressVPN’s apps utilize strong AES 256-bit encryption and the highest standards for leak protection – the “Network Lock” kill switch feature.

ExpressVPN is also one of the best PS4 VPN for streaming and blocking booter attacks. Whether you are using a VPN for Kodi or need the best VPN for Netflix, ExpressVPN offers great apps for streaming devices and high-capacity bandwidth for HD videos and downloads.

Their customer service is also top-notch, with 24/7 live chat support and a 30 day money-back guarantee with all subscription plans. Regardless of whether you need a VPN for privacy, security, streaming, or just browsing the web, ExpressVPN remains the best all-around VPN


  • Excellent speeds throughout the server network
  • User-friendly and reliable VPN apps (support for all devices)
  • Strong encryption, great security features, and no leaks
  • Located in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction (BVI)
  • Proven no logs VPN provider
  • Large, secure server network, servers running in RAM-disk mode
  • Works with Netflix, great for streaming
  • Browser extensions with HTTPS Everywhere
  • PS4 VPN to block booter attacks
  • Split tunneling feature
  • Great Android and iOS apps
  • Dedicated VPN router app (for unlimited connections)
  • Great customer support (24/7 live chat + 30 day money-back guarantee)

How to use, setup and connect your PS4 DNS Proxy

  • Get yourself Express VPN here
  • Follow the video instructions below to set up and connect your PS4 DNS Proxy


Method 2: Using Free PS4 Proxies (Not recommended)

When something is free, you are the product.”

This famous quote certainly holds true for “free” Proxies because you are likely paying for the service with your private data, which is sold to third parties.

Just like with Google and Facebook, free proxy services will offer a free product that collects your data for profit.

So what’s the worst thing that could happen?

When someone can force you to load an infected .js file, they can

  • Steal your login info of the sites you visit (from login forms or cookies)
  • Steal your banking account info/credit card
  • Force you to participate in DDoS attacks by telling you browser to load a website a few hundred times a second via iframe/script request
  • basically see everything you’re doing on the web (including reading mouse positions, etc.)

Many people who are new to proxy services start out by looking for a free proxy in order to save money, rather than searching for the best PS4 Proxy server that will keep their data safe.

This is a bad idea. Free Proxies have become notorious for making money off their users in a variety of insidious ways.

The truth is that these free PS4 Proxy servers are actually cashing in on their user base – usually by collecting user data and then selling it to the highest bidder. When you route your traffic through a free proxy on your device, the server can easily collect your online activity and sell this to third parties and advertising networks.

In short, free PS4 Proxy Server are both dangerous and invasive so its best to avoid them completely!

However for the sake this article we will use an example on how we can achieve this. Firstly lets get ourselves free ps4 proxies to use at Proxyscrape. Notice the list of IP’s we can use.

ps4 free proxy

ps4 proxy server










Using this proxy checker we can determine how good the proxy is and whether its securing our connection. Another downside of using free ps4 proxy is you never know how long the connection uptime is and will be disconnected once the proxy is offline. For proper configuration and 99% uptime we recommend using PS4 DNS Proxy

Method 3: Setting up local PS4 Proxy Server using your PC/Mac

Windows users can use a free version of CCProxy, while Mac users can use the free app Squidman. Download and install the proxy server on a machine that’s connected to the same network as your PS4.

Configure CCProxy for Windows

To configure your PS4 to use your proxy you’ll need to get two bits of information: the proxy address and the port number. On CCProxy, this is easy—just click on “Options” then check under “Local IP Address” for the IP and “HTTP/RTSP” for the port.

Configure Squidman for Mac

Hold the Options key and click on the Network icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Take note of the “IP Address” of your local machine. Now launch Squidman and go to Squidman > Preferences at the top of the screen. Take note of the “HTTP Port” under General. Now click on the “Clients” tab.

You’ll need to add a range of IP addresses that can make use of your new proxy. If your IP address in the previous step looks like “192.168.0.X”, then you can click new and type “” to enable it for the entire range. If your IP address resembles “10.0.0.X”, then you can type “” to enable the whole range.

Now click “Save” then “Stop Squid” to stop the server. Click “Start Squid” to start the server again. You’re now ready to configure your PS4.

Keep in mind that your PS4 will need to use this proxy to access the internet. If the IP address of your proxy server changes, your PS4 won’t be able to connect to the internet.

Assigning Proxy Server for PS4

  • Turn on the PS4 console
  • Go to the “Settings” menu
  • Inside the settings menu select the “Network Section”
  • According to the user’s choice select the “Wi-Fi option” or “LAN cable option”
  • Then go to the custom option
  • Now make the DHCP hostname as “Do Not Specify”. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a protocol of the network management system where the DHCP assigns IP address dynamically along with other network parameters to devices connected to the network
  • Then set the Domain Name System as automatic
  • Set the Mtu settings as automatic too
  • Then a screen will appear to select the proxy server option. Select it as Use option
  • Inside the page of Proxy Server, write the IP address on ProxyScrape with port number 80
  • After entering the IP address and port number, click on “Next”
  • At last, test the internet connection and you will be connected to your free PS4 Proxy.

Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible if users data has been compromised whilst using free proxies and recommends using PS4 DNS Proxy

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